Spring & Fall High-School Racing

Building skill through competition and teamwork.

Competitive sailing for 7th-12th graders.
The programs include training on the St. Croix as well as participation in high school regattas throughout the region.


High school sailing has existed on the national level since the 1930’s, existing mainly on the east coast.  In the late 1990’s, high school sailing came to the Twin Cities area.  There are now competitive high school sailing programs at all of the area sailing schools.

Compared to any other competitive sailing format, high school sailing much more greatly emphasizes teamwork and group development.  Competing in high school sailing is a great way for sailors of all abilities to improve their sailing abilities in a supportive and team driven atmosphere.

Races are generally short and sweet, with lots of rotations.  A typical high school regatta might complete as many as 20 races over the course of a weekend.  This format really tests the breadth of a team, and encourages teams to work to develop all of their members to their fullest potential.

At SCSS, we have regular high school practices during the week after school and also on weekends.  We send teams to compete both locally in the Twin Cities area, and to regional events around the Midwest.

Dry suits are mandatory for the spring sessions.


Weekday practices happen at SCSS as soon as kids can get there after school.  In these shorter practices, we use our limited time to focus more on technical drills to develop our racing skills.  We also have occasional weekend practices where we are able to take more time to focus on some more “big picture” ideas.

Local Conference Regattas

In the local Twin Cities area, we have a very active circuit of competitive high school events.  We call these “Conference Regattas”.  These are open to all of our sailors, and are very easy to travel to—they’re practically in our backyard!  The focus of these events is developing local competition: regatta fees are kept as low as possible, and we get the kids on the water for as long as possible.

Regional Regattas in the Midwest

There are regattas in the Midwest from the Twin Cities to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and everywhere in between.  There are regional regattas hosted in the Twin Cities, as well.  These regattas are a chance for our sailors to test their abilities against sailors from all over the Midwest, and we will travel to as many as we can.

2021 Dates Time Price Status Registration
April – May See Calendar* $485 N/A TBD
Sept – Oct Tues, Thurs, Sat
(subject to change)
$485 Expired Click here to register

* = Dates/Times of practices are posted on our Calendar.  They are subject to change.  Your instructor will contact you with updates.

Wednesday Night Racing

Test your sailing skills every Wednesday this summer! SCSS will host and provide boats for an evening small boat racing series. This series is open to any sailor who has taken past classes at SCSS or can pass a basic sailing skills test.  This race series is all about improving your sailing skills in a fun, low pressure, casual race environment.

Never raced before? Don’t let that hold you back. Our instructors will go over the basic rules of the road and starting sequence.

Adults and youths are welcome to attend.  This is also a great way for parents to sail with their kids!

Wednesday night racing is for sailors of all ages who have some experience sailing. If you are unsure if you qualify, click here to contact us.

2021 Dates Time Price Status Registration
Wednesdays, June through August 5pm – 9pm $40 Expired Click here to register